Past Events

Past Events_3

The East Sherman planning effort has worked to engage the community in fun and meaningful ways since it began in 2015. Below is an overview of the different engagement activities that the community has an opportunity to participate in:



  • 3rd Annual PARK(ing) It On Sherman (September)


  • Stakeholder Interviews (July-August)
  • 2nd Annual PARK(ing) It On Sherman (September)


  • Town Hall Meetings (June)
  • Online survey (June)
  • East Sherman booth at CDA 2030 Annual Celebration (July)
  • Active Transportation Safety Audit or “Walking Audit” (July)
  • Kids summer camp class at Gizmo “City Planner” Theme: 10+ children provided ideas for East Sherman (July)
  • City Poll: “Should East Sherman be Revitalized?” (August)
  • 1st Annual PARK(ing) It On Sherman (September)
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